These are tough times.

I could have never imagined that I would have ended my last session pushing for emergency funding to address a pandemic that stopped us in our tracks. I never imagined spending my days on Zoom briefings for labor, education, foster children, migrant workers, our incarcerated,
our college students, our tribes, to name a few. I never imagined that my work as a School Counselor would take me from face to face interactions with children and parents to phone calls and video conferencing, trying to ensure our families are linked to the right resources. Yet, this is where I find myself and more importantly this is OUR new reality.

While this crisis is daunting, we find ourselves in a moment that requires even more vision, creativity, and resiliency from ourselves, especially our community leaders, to imagine an even better tomorrow.

I am continuously touched by the kindness of neighbors, of advocates still working for those who are being left behind, and of people who go out of their way to share their resources with others. But we know there is another side as well. During a crisis, social disparities are exasperated even more. A spotlight is shown upon what we have already known to be true, there are gaps in services that leave many behind. There are workers that are underappreciated and underpaid that are essential to keeping our society economically sound. There are communities in our population that need support and protection even and especially during a crisis. And the obvious: our public health care system is underfunded.

These are the same reasons I ran for office in 2014 and these reasons are even more important now more than ever and it’s why I am seeking re-election. These are the issues that keep me up at night, that motivate me to continue to work two jobs (three if you count campaigning), bring me to tears when I hear the stories and propels me to action.

If you believe we can do better by providing equitable access, and opportunity for all residents of our great state, so that our economy and services work for all, then please join me.

Three ways to help…..

1) Please join those that have endorsed me.
2) Ask your friends to endorse me and like my Facebook page.
3) Consider donating to my campaign (any amount helps)

Thank you so much for making the 21st District a great place to live.

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